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Article submissions to the eSymposium must have sociological value and interest for an international community of social scientists, both from the point of pure, scholarly research as well as from applied dimensions. We welcome submissions from teaching faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in the social sciences. To read more about the Submission process click here 

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Sociological Briefing: Advancing knowledge towards the social impact of participation in arts activities

11th May 2022

This Sociological Briefing summarizes the article “Evaluating the social impact of participation in arts activities” ... Read More

Sociology beyond the academia: From Mexico

11th May 2022

This piece illustrates how sociology can contribute to improve education. Read More

Are Inter-State Migrant Workers a part of the Precariat?

11th May 2022

This essay discusses the class location of inter-state migrant workers in India. Read More

In conversation with... Emma Porio

11th May 2022

Emma Porio reflects on climate change, interdisciplinarity and how to empower the voices of marginalised ... Read More

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