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Article submissions to the eSymposium must have sociological value and interest for an international community of social scientists, both from the point of pure, scholarly research as well as from applied dimensions. We welcome submissions from teaching faculty, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students in the social sciences. To read more about the Submission process click here 

Latest Updates

Sociological Briefing: Bribery as a cultural phenomenon in China

10th February 2023

This Sociological Briefing summarizes an article on bribery culture in China as practiced by parents ... Read More

Sociological Briefing: South Africa and divorce: A pending issue? Infidelity? Abusive relationships?

10th February 2023

This Sociological Briefing identifies the factors explaining high levels of divorce among young people in ... Read More

Sociological Briefing: The sociologies that scientists and citizens like and use

10th February 2023

This Sociological Briefing describes sociologists’ role in the transformation of all sciences and their impact ... Read More

Sociological Briefing: Diplomacy in Colombia?

10th February 2023

This Sociological Briefing analyzes Japanese and Korean cultural diplomacy practices in Colombia. Read More

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