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1st July 2017

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1st July 2017

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From MDGs to SDGs

People’s Views on Sustainable World Development

1st July 2017

Sociologists have roles to play as critics but also as data users as ‘development plans’ ... Read More

The Value of Understanding the Absence of Social Problems in Cross-national Research

An Example from Criminology

1st July 2017

This essay explores our disciplinary biases toward studying ‘high rates’ of social problems and presents ... Read More

The Sociology of Mysticism

1st July 2017

After over a century of neglect, this paper recommends that sociologists reconsider investigating the mysticism ... Read More

Reflections on Fieldwork

A Comparative Study of Positionality in Ethnographic Research across Asia

1st July 2017

This paper aims to reflect on positionality, in particular insider-outsider binary and gender, while conducting ... Read More

Big Data Challenge for Social Science

From Society and Opinion to Replications

1st July 2017

Big Data dealing with the social produce predictive correlations for the benefit of brands and ... Read More

In Conversation with Margaret Archer

1st July 2017

In my capacity as the present editor of Current Sociology, I interviewed Professor Margaret Archer, ... Read More

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