News and information trends in the North and South

A historical and sceptical orientation

Zanetta Lyn Jansen University of South Africa

Abstract The article presents a broad sweep of the centrality of news as information necessary in the making of ‘the nation’. It highlights important facets in the works of media sociologists since the 1920s to the 1940s in American society, and how this thread of AngloAmerican journalism has become the yardstick globally in the work of journalists, editors and ‘news workers’. The article traces the historical and political economic development of the New World Order emerging from socio-economic and political relations spawned post-WWII, resulting in a globalised world with the unintended consequence of an asymmetrical global-North and global-South. However, neither the so-called North nor South are homogenous entities, which makes modern 21st century news-telling dynamic and in full flux. 

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