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Understanding Social Currency in the Female Commercial Blog Industry in Singapore

1st December 2013

Commercial bloggers in Singapore, predominantly self-taught young women who weave advertorials and advertisements into personal ... Read More


Development Elixir or Hegemonic Discourse?

1st December 2013

In the past twenty to thirty years, the notion of ‘knowledge’ has increasingly shaped development ... Read More

Financing Business Expansion in the Sang Woh-Yan Woh-Yan Sang Firm Network before 1941

From Malaya to South China

1st December 2013

Studies of Chinese business history have, in the course of the 1990s, moved away from ... Read More

Cultural Meaning, Social Hybridity and Musical Sonority

Unpacking Elements of the Trinidad and Tobago Identity in the Lyrics of its Carnival Music

1st December 2013

This article examines the carnival music of Trinidad and Tobago. These are in the main ... Read More

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