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Collaborations, Legacies, and Shifts in Chinese Anthropology

In Conversation with Myron Cohen

7th July 2020

Myron Cohen’s research has focused on Han Chinese culture and society in late imperial and ... Read More

How Do Systems Fall in Love?

Lacanian Explorations of Niklas Luhmann’s Communicative Theory

7th July 2020

This essay explores Niklas Luhmann’s contemporary sociological theory of love from the perspective of Lacanian ... Read More

Cartography of Land Acquisitions, ‘Gated’ Development and the Bhu-Andolan that Changed the Discourse on Bhu-Swaraj

An Ethnographic Study of Bhatta-Parsaul, Uttar Pradesh

7th July 2020

This essay delves into the cartography and political economy of ‘land grabs’ in India. Read More

Constructing a flexible life history calendar for research on vulnerable older persons

7th July 2020

This paper raises methodological issues pertaining to the generation of life history data for the ... Read More


7th July 2020

Editorial statement Read More


7th July 2020

Contents Read More

Everyday Classrooms

Feminist Pedagogies in #MeToo Era

19th February 2020

In the #MeToo era, the discussion on sexual harassment/assault/violence has taken a new turn. Read More

Institutional and Contextual Factors that Shape Sociological Teaching Practices

The Importance of Global Collaboration among Sociology Educators

19th February 2020

In this paper, we offer a preliminary outline of the proposed disciplinary, pedagogical, and pragmatic ... Read More

Contested Masculinity and Social Media

19th February 2020

The increasing Muslim consciousness in the Southeast Asian region, has led to rising tensions amongst ... Read More

The Epistemological and Methodological Foundations of Qualitative Research

19th February 2020

Qualitative research provides a unique and powerful lens on the details, processes, and idiosyncrasies of ... Read More

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