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Feminist Pedagogies in #MeToo Era

19th February 2020

In the #MeToo era, the discussion on sexual harassment/assault/violence has taken a new turn. Read More

Institutional and Contextual Factors that Shape Sociological Teaching Practices

The Importance of Global Collaboration among Sociology Educators

19th February 2020

In this paper, we offer a preliminary outline of the proposed disciplinary, pedagogical, and pragmatic ... Read More

Contested Masculinity and Social Media

19th February 2020

The increasing Muslim consciousness in the Southeast Asian region, has led to rising tensions amongst ... Read More

The Epistemological and Methodological Foundations of

19th February 2020

Qualitative research provides a unique and powerful lens on the details, processes, and idiosyncrasies of ... Read More


19th February 2020

Editorial statement Read More


19th February 2020

Contents Read More

Worlds of Work

Implications of Urbanisation, Technology and Sustainability

1st December 2019

What might the world of work look like in 2050? Read More

Shaping Asia

Connectivities, Comparisons, Collaborations

1st December 2019

This article proposes that research and teaching across the Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) can ... Read More

One Full Circle on a Path Less Travelled

Musings on Mental Health From a Multidisciplinary Perspective

1st December 2019

It is more common than not for one’s academic journey to be predicated on a ... Read More

(Nation) building civic epistemologies around nuclear energy in India

1st December 2019

Anti-nuclear activism provides a significant challenge for uniting India under a shared ‘civic epistemology’ that ... Read More

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