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In conversation with Chin-Chun Yi

28th July 2021

Chin-Chun Yi’s work focuses on family and youth studies in Chinese and East Asian societies. Read More

The first ESA Hackathon in 2021

28th July 2021

Winners of the first ESA Hackathon share their views about the need to foster exchanges ... Read More

Legal culture, intellectual circulation, and appropriation of ideas in Brazil

The case of Law School’s academic journals

28th July 2021

This essay analyzes legal journalism through a case study of the academic legal periodicals in ... Read More

Situating particularism in times of universalism

28th July 2021

This contribution analyzes why the articulation of universalism and particularism remains a challenging task for ... Read More


28th July 2021

Editorial Statement Read More


28th July 2021

Contents Read More

In conversation with Prudence L. Carter

7th April 2021

Prudence L. Carter’s work focuses on the dynamics of race, ethnicity, poverty, class, and gender ... Read More

Democratic Crisis in Indian Higher Technical Education Institutions

7th April 2021

The paper reviews progress made in India’s higher education to establish student’s bodies for improved ... Read More

Colonialism and the Post-colonial African States

Perceptions, Issues, and Opportunities

7th April 2021

This paper examines the perceptions, issues and opportunities resulting from colonialism and post-colonialism in African ... Read More

The Need for Cultural Interventions to Improve Girls’ Education during COVID-19 and Beyond

7th April 2021

This paper addresses girls’ enrolment in schools in Pakistan in the context of the pandemic ... Read More

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