December 2017

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1st December 2017

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1st December 2017

Editorial Statement Read More

On the Limits of Globalisation

1st December 2017

The popularisation of globalisation at the turn of the 20th century and the first decades ... Read More

The Digital Revolution and its impact on jobs and skills

1st December 2017

This article discusses the effects of the Digital Revolution on jobs and skills from the ... Read More

Remaking Life in Neo-Liberal Times

Normalcy, Conflict and Displacement in Jammu and Kashmir

1st December 2017

Since 1990 the valley Kashmir has been marked by conflict between militant groups and proponents ... Read More

Theory of recognition, theory of double inheritance and biology philosophy epistemology

Theory of recognition, theoryA sociopolitical quilombola community in the Amazon Marajoara

1st December 2017

This work develops from the following question: Can sociology understand and explain a certain social ... Read More

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